Sunday competition football strength: Wales strength declines Spain wants to win the first place

Sunday competition football strength: Wales strength declines Spain wants to win the first place

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Sunday 006 euro preliminary Wales VS Croatia 2023-10-16 02:45

Venue: Cardiff City Stadium

Home Team Wales:

On the last national team match day, wales european preliminary round was empty. They won a 4-0 victory in the warm-up match with gibraltar, playing for bournemouth’s moormei twice, tottenham defender Ben Davis and Milwall’s Broad also scored one goal each. In the previous 5 European preliminary matches, Wales 2 wins 1 Draw 2 Losses 6 goals lost 7 goals 7 points ranked 4th, and there was a gap of 3 points from Croatia, which ranked second in the group. At present, although there are still major generals such as Ben Davis, Daniel James, Harry Wilson and so on in the Welsh array, their strength will gradually fade out of the national team as Bell retires and Ramsey and so on. Take the results of this qualifier as an example, although Wales won two victories, the opponents are all the bottom of this group of Latvians. The previous stable home court was also conquered by armenia 4-2 in the last game.

Visiting team in Croatia:

In the last round of the European preliminary, Croatia lost to Turkey at home 0-1, and handed over the top position of the team. Of course, in the case of less matches, Croatia still has the advantage of fighting against Turkey. Compared with last year’s world cup lineup, the team of the national team in croatia has not been adjusted much. Senior generals such as modrich, brozovich and kovachic continue to play in midfield, while those in the defense are led by the popular explosion of guvadiol, the Starlight on the front line is slightly dim. Veteran Perry Siqi is currently recovering and cannot represent the national team. Croatia’s performance in the european preliminary match was relatively stable. Losing against turkey was the team’s first defeat in nearly 11 european preliminary matches, of which nearly 5 were 3 wins and 2 draws away and remained unbeaten. Looking at the performance confrontation, Croatia won 3 and won 2 in the last 5 games against Wales and remained unbeaten.

Historical Record: nearly 5 confrontation, Wales 2-3 negative.

Sunday 008 euro preliminary Norway VS Spain 2023-10-16 02:45

Venue: Ulleval Stadium

Home Team Norway:

Norway beat Cyprus 4-0 away in the last European preliminary match. In the recent downturn of the club, Harland played twice. Salot and Arthur each scored a goal. In this way, Norway has three consecutive wins in the European Preliminary. Currently, the team has 3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses and 10 points, which is only lower than Spain’s 12 points and Scotland’s 15 points. However, although Norwegian points have been caught up, the team’s qualifying situation is still not optimistic. Once this game cannot be won, the gap between Norway and Scotland at the top will be at least 4 points. With the remaining 2 matches in the European preliminary match, it is very difficult to surpass Scotland and Spain, therefore, Norway must strive to pull Spain down to Malaysia. In addition to Harland, there are also Erde senior strong players in the Norwegian array, which can be said to be the strongest lineup in recent years. Once it is impossible to make a breakthrough in the world competition, it will undoubtedly be a big blow to the players. Harland has already scored 6 goals in this qualifier.

Visiting team Spain:

Spain defeated Scotland, which led the race 2-0 at home in the last European preliminary match. Morata and sansett made contributions to the team, and the gap between the two teams was narrowed to 3 points. Spain also ushered in three consecutive victories in the qualifier. In these three games, the matador corps scored a total of 15 goals and lost only one goal. In the case of this round of Scotland, if Spain gets it, it is expected to complete the anti-takeover of Scotland by virtue of the advantage of winning the ball. In this European Cup qualifier, Spain won 4 and lost 1, scored 18 goals and lost 3 goals. The only defeat was to lose Scotland on the road from 0 to 2. The front forwards are in good condition, with 4 goals and 3 goals respectively in this qualifier.

Historical Record: Nearly 3 matches, Norway 0 wins 1 Draw 2 losses.


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